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Get The Sleep You Need!

take the Eppworth Sleepiness test to see if you may have a serious sleep disorder The simple fact is: "Healthier sleep for a healthier life." Good sleep is essential for good health.

The primary goal of Advanced Sleep Disorders Center is to help improve our clients sleep and provide the tools necessary to help discover the cause of their sleeping disorders. We offer full services for researching any sleep disorder including detailed polysomnograms (PSGs, or sleep studies) and high end testing for other challenges.

We are knowledgable, professional, caring and committed. Advanced Sleep Disorders Center core principles are to provide high quality patient care and professional, accurate sleep studies. We specialize in analyzing all forms of sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. Advanced Sleep Disorders Center sleep labs only utilize the finest equipment in the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that we provide.

We maintain offices and clinics in several parts of Oregon. Review our website and find a center that's close to you - or call us for assistance. We really are here to help you have a great night's sleep.

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